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The Cancer Support Community offers a question-listing program available through the Cancer Support Helpline at 1-888-793-9355. The phone consultation is offered in both English and Spanish and takes 45-60 minutes to complete.

Medcorder: Record & Share Doctor Appointments

This free app allows you to record, securely backup, transcribe, and share doctor consults with loved ones to make better medical decisions together. Automated transcriptions are free and processed immediately in-app for easy sharing.

Appointment Buddy

This free iPhone app allows you to record audio, take pictures, and write notes for your appointments. No need to register; simply download the app and begin organizing appointments. Recordings, notes, and pictures can be emailed to others in compressed files. The app does not help build question lists.

Bay Area Cancer Connections 

A resource center serving the San Francisco Bay Area.

Women’s Cancer Resource Center 

A resource center in the East Bay of the San Francisco region.

The Cancer Support Community Walnut Creek

A local affiliate of The Cancer Support Community.

Breast and GYN Health Project

(Formerly Humboldt Community Breast Health) Located in Arcata, California.

The Shanti Project

Offers services to mitigate the barriers women face after a cancer diagnosis.

Young Women

The Young Survival Coalition (YSC)

The Young Survival Coalition (YSC) works with survivors, caregivers, and the medical, research, advocacy and legislative communities to increase the quality and quantity of life for women diagnosed with breast cancer ages 40 and under.

Bay Area Young Survivors (BAYS)

A support and action group for women diagnosed at age 45 or younger who are living with breast cancer.

Male Breast Cancer

When men get breast cancer

Living Beyond Breast Cancer

Offers news on breast cancer in men, treatments, and updates on clinical trials.

American Cancer Society

Discusses causes, risk factors, diagnosis, and treatments for male breast cancer.

His Breast Cancer Awareness

LGBTQ+ Resources

Susan G. Komen-Puget—Patient Handbook for LGBTQ+ individuals and Breast Cancer

Handbook for LGBTQ+ individuals to learn about their risk of breast cancer, which risk factors can increase risk, breast cancer warning signs to discuss with your doctor, and breast cancer screening recommendations and practices).

I am LGBT with Breast Cancer

Tailored information and resources to help you understand disparities in care and research for LGBT people with breast cancer, understand how diagnosis may impact your emotions, body image and sexual life, and some of the challenges you may face during treatment.

National LGBT Cancer Network

The National LGBT Cancer Network helps improve the lives of cancer survivors and those at risk by providing resources to educate the LGBT community about cancer risk, importance of early screening and detection, training health care providers to offer more culturally-competent, safe and welcoming care, and advocating for LGBT survivors in mainstream cancer organizations, the media and research.


Other Languages

Medline Plus

Medline Plus through the National Institutes of Health offers informational material in multiple languages (Arabic, Bosnia, Chinese, French, Hindi, Japanese, Korean, Portuguese, Russian, Somali, Spanish, Tagalog, and Vietnamese).

Cal Volunteer Health Interpreters Organization (VHIO)

Cal Volunteer Health Interpreters Organization provides free health interpretation and translation services for Bay Area patients whose primary language is Cantonese, Japanese, Korean, Mandarin, Spanish, Tagalog, and Vietnamese.

Meditation and relaxation

Insight Timer

Always free. This is not a daily app, but rather a great library where you can search for various types of meditations and lengths by excellent teachers.

10% Happier

Free and paid options available. Health care providers can use redemption code HEALTHCARE to unlock all content.

UCLA Mindful App 

Free and has meditation by Diana Winston.

Unite for HER is by your side through breast & ovarian cancers for life. Our vision is that every person with breast and ovarian cancers will feel the support of a loving community, and will have access to comprehensive education, services, and tools that enrich their health and well-being. We offer 3 programs – each unique and providing access to education and supportive community of Unite for HER.

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