Getting Started

At every stage of your breast cancer journey, we will look out for your needs, keep you informed and provide caring support. If you would like your loved ones to be involved in your care, we will welcome them.

Your cancer care may include:

  • Imaging such as mammograms and ultrasounds, by our radiology team
  • Physical exams to locate the cancer in your breasts or sometimes in your lymph nodes (in your armpits)
  • Biopsy when the doctor removes a small amount of tissue for testing
  • Genetic testing to learn more about your cancer type
  • Surgery to remove a tumor, or sometimes to remove one or both breasts
  • Reconstruction to restore your breasts after treatment if your choose
  • Medications
  • Chemotherapy usually given through an IV in our Infusion Center
  • Radiation which uses energy to kill cancer cells may be done outside of our system

Accessing the clinic

We are here in your community to serve you.


Natalie Fan, Clinical Oncology Pharmacist, Alameda Health System

Documents to bring

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Departments and providers

Our skilled and compassionate team will meet your care needs.

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Kevin Knopf, MD, MPH Division Chief, Hematology/Oncology, Highland Hospital

Patient resources

We have a lot of helpful information to guide you through your treatment journey.

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“We put all our energy, our love and empathy into this profession. Our patients become part of us. Their pain is our pain. Their happiness is our happiness.”

Uche Kanu, Lead Nurse, Highland Hospital Infusion Center