Plastic Surgery

Our plastic surgeons can help with the shape and look of your breasts after treatment.


Highland Hospital
at the Wilma Chan
Highland Hospital Campus

Highland Care Pavilion 5th floor (HCP 5)
1411 E. 31st St.
Oakland, CA 94602



  • Consultations to guide your decisions
  • Immediate or delayed reconstruction after breast surgery
  • Follow-up care

Cancer Surgery Team

  • Daniel B. Allen, MD, Chief

“Our breast cancer patients are in good hands. Our team works together to make sure that we give breast cancer patients the best care.”

Vivian Pham, Clinical Oncology Pharmacist

Whether you are being treated for breast cancer for the first time, or whether you have been treated previously for breast cancer and are not satisfied with the result, Plastic Surgery services and consultation are available to you. 

Working very closely with our breast surgical oncologist, we discuss our treatment plan with you in advanceThis is tailored to your individual situationIf breast conservation is deemed appropriate, a combined “oncoplastic” approach can yield superior aesthetic results while making it easier for the breast surgeon to get widely clear margins in most cases. 

When mastectomy is needed or chosen, the most desirable technique is direct-to-implant reconstruction, and we are able to do that in the vast majority of cases.  When radiation therapy has already been done or a woman prefers that her own tissues be used for the reconstruction, we offer reconstructive flaps from the abdomen or the back to accomplish this.   

We take the time to make sure that you understand your options and what they entail, and we provide thorough follow-up to achieve the highest possible level of long-term satisfaction.