Representing Alameda Health System (AHS) and the future of essential hospital leadership, Lorna Jones, JD, chief human resources officer, Sarah Rahman, MD, associate chief medical information officer and Evan Rusoja, MD, PhD, medical director of acute care health outcomes and emergency medicine were recently honored by America’s Essential Hospitals to participate the 2022-2023 Fellows Class.

“This Fellowship is an honor and fantastic opportunity to bring some of the best skills and programs from around the country to AHS and to our patients. As a group of Fellows, we look forward to learning and creating new approaches to centering the voices of our patients and improving their care,” said Dr. Rusoja.

Designed for senior clinical and administrative personnel, the Fellows Program focuses on strategic leadership and advocacy for policies and resources that sustain the nation’s health care safety net and promote access to care. Our honorees will explore population health, diversity and inclusion and key approaches to care delivery for low-income and marginalized patients.

Congratulations to Rusoja, Jones and Rahman who will join more than twenty leaders and fellows from 18 essential hospitals.

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