Alameda Health System (AHS) is committed to continuing to provide critical health care services at Alameda Hospital including the only emergency department on the island and a world-class stroke center. AHS recognizes these services are critical for the health and safety of AHS patients, Alameda residents, and the community, especially during a disaster.

Seismic Updates

Alameda Hospital

In response to the Northridge earthquake, California lawmakers passed a law that requires hospitals to seismically upgrade their existing buildings or replace them to ensure safety by 2030. Buildings that don’t meet the earthquake standards must cease operations.

AHS is accountable for the delivery of quality health care services at Alameda Hospital while the City of Alameda Health Care District (the District) owns the buildings and is responsible for the structure including the seismic update.

AHS currently receives $6 million annually from the District through a Joint Powers Agreement (JPA) to provide health care services at the hospital. These funds are generated from an Alameda parcel tax.

To support the District in meeting seismic upgrade requirements and to ensure critical health care services continue to be available at Alameda Hospital, on January 10, 2024, the AHS Board of Trustees (BOT) agreed to divert parcel tax dollars to the District.  The District will utilize the funds to acquire a loan for the construction costs. In addition to the parcel tax, AHS has and is investing $42 million in infrastructure projects that support hospital operations. Visit the District website for more information.

AHS’s focus remains on delivering critical health care services to its patients, Alameda residents and the community while optimizing operational efficiency to improve patient outcomes.