EHR to unite providers and empower patients to become active participants in their own health

Oakland, Calif. – October 11, 2019 – Alameda Health System (AHS) successfully launched its new Epic electronic health record (EHR) system last week. Epic is the most widely-used and comprehensive health records system in the country. The EHR implementation project started at AHS over three years ago as part of an effort to enhance care across the system, increase coordination of care, and improve the patient care experience.

“We’re committed to meeting the unique needs of our community and are very excited about the multiple benefits the new EHR system means for improved clinical efficiency, health management and patient care,” said Delvecchio Finley, CEO, Alameda Health System. “Investing in this robust technology that equips our teams with a single electronic health record means that AHS will be able to deliver better integrated care, with added convenience, to our patients.”

With the new EHR system, patients and their designated caregivers will have 24-hour access to their health record and comprehensive health history simply by using an app.

Once they have enrolled, AHS patients will gain access to Epic’s patient portal, MyAlamedaHealth*, putting critical health data right at their fingertips. MyAlamedaHealth is expected to significantly streamline services by offering the ability to self-schedule appointments, send reminders about preventative screening and routine care, provide online access to request prescription refills, view lab and test results, pay bills and message their care team.

“To get a hold of my doctor I have to transfer through so may calls and then it takes some time for him to get the message and get back to me. This way I can contact him directly,” said patient J. Jose Franco. “I’m really excited to enroll. I can’t wait to see the results.”

Hospital staff received extensive EHR training last month and will utilize the new system to streamline administrative tasks and facilitate the secure exchange of critical patient information and data to care teams at all AHS facilities or to any other health care provider patients choose.

Having implemented Epic, AHS now has the capacity to exchange data with other interoperable systems. This means that AHS can seamlessly share patient data, greatly enhancing care coordination and clinical decision-making, among providers which will improve the quality and safety of care as well as the patient experience. Providers will have the ability to coordinate care with clinicians outside of AHS who serve their patients and their families, closing care gaps and reducing duplication.

“Implementing this system is a foundational milestone to our health care delivery system with the aim to provide truly integrated, high quality, and safe care to our patients and community. The care they want and deserve.” said Dr. Ghassan Jamaleddine, CMO of AHS.

* The MyAlamedaHealth App is powered by MyChart® licensed from Epic Systems Corporation, © 1999 – 2019.

Jeanne Herrera