On Wednesday August 10, 2022, Alameda Health System (AHS) Chief Executive Officer James Jackson, AHS Board of Trustees President Dr. Taft Bhuket and Chief Operating Officer Mark Fratzke were key presenters at Huron’s annual What’s Right Health Care Conference for national health care professionals. Conference attendees learn about best practices from national senior leaders in health care.

Our AHS senior leaders’ conference presentation titled “Starting Over: The Renaissance of a Health System,” illuminates the challenges, opportunities and path forward for AHS to continue to deliver on its commitment to caring, healing, teaching and serving all.

It followed the launch of AHS’s comprehensive cultural, operational and financial recovery efforts after experiencing a perfect storm including a union strike, a board restructuring, electronic health record (EHR) implementation, decreasing revenue, poor employee engagement and an unprecedented pandemic.

To rebuild confidence and unleash productivity, AHS leadership architected a plan branded BEST — Building Excellence, Sustainability, and Trust. The combined focus on culture, operations, employee and physician engagement, and finances has yielded measurable improvements in every category and the AHS leaders shared the data on the progress to date as well as their insightful firsthand experiences of leading in challenging times.

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