Edition: July 2022

The AHS Index is a new way to look at data that illuminates a snapshot of our world today. It is intended to highlight health inequities and spark conversation, debate, outrage, and wonder.

Life expectancy of a white child born in the Oakland Hills: 85 [1]

Life expectancy of a Black child born in East Oakland: 70 [1]

Rate of hypertension related hospitalizations in Alameda County’s most affluent neighborhoods: 1.08%[1]

Rate in Alameda County’s poorest neighborhoods: 1.89% [1]

Rate among Black people in Alameda County regardless of neighborhood: 3.4% [1]

Honesty and ethical rating of nurses according to Americans polled by Gallup after the onset of the pandemic: 89% [2]

Change in nurse’s score since the start of the COVID-19 pandemic: +4% [2]

Percentage of American adults who say they have a phobia of hospitals: 7% [3]

Of dentists: 11% [3]

Of spiders: 24% [3]

Number of deaths attributed to spider bites in Californian between 2018 and 2022: 0 [4]

Percentage of Californians who say they are not worried about getting COVID-19: 44%  [5]

Number of deaths attributed to COVID-19 in California: 91,930  [6]