Edition: August 2022

The AHS Index is a new way to look at data that illuminates a snapshot of our world today. It is intended to highlight health inequities and spark conversation, debate, outrage, and wonder.

Increase in opioid-related mortality rates in Alameda County between 2006 and 2020: 444%[1]

Increase in opioid overdoses in California during the COVID-19 lockdown: 72%[2]

Percentage of Americans who know someone who is or has been addicted to opioids: 43%[3]

Increase since 2005 in the number of teenagers who say it is a bad time to be growing up: 65%[4]

All-time views of a dog painting a flower to the tune of “Everything Sucks” on TikTok: 185.3 million[5]

Percentage of teens who believe it is likely that they will someday be famous: 19%[6]

Percentage of living people who are famous enough to have a Wikipedia page: .009%

Share of 13 to 17-year-olds who say they’re almost constantly online: 46%[7]

Number of states the CDC says have a severe shortage of child psychiatrists: 43[8]

Percentage of American adults who feel lonely frequently or almost all the time: 36%[9]

Increased google searches of “ayahuasca” since Green Bay Packers quarterback Aaron Rodgers said an ayahuasca experience paved the way for the best season of his NFL career: 500%[10]