Alameda Health System (AHS) is a leading public, integrated health care provider and medical training institution recognized for patient and family-centered care and reducing health disparities in Alameda County, California. AHS includes three acute care hospitals, a psychiatric hospital, four ambulatory care wellness centers, five post-acute facilities, and the only adult Level-1 Trauma Center and psychiatric emergency department in Alameda County.

This archive of memories reflects AHS’s experience of the COVID-19 pandemic, as described by the frontline workers, physicians, nurses, administrators, telephone operators, chaplains, and others across the system. It is one health care system’s collective memory of serving and caring for its community through a global pandemic.

In a memo released on February 28, 2023, the last day of California’s COVID-19 State of Emergency, AHS CEO James Jackson wrote, “Our greatest strength was and is our health care heroes who show up every day caring, healing, teaching, and serving all. When I allow myself to sit with the grief for all that has been lost, I become overwhelmed with gratitude for all that we still have, for how many we saved, and most of all, for all of you.”

Memories of COVID-19

Ronica Shelton
VP of Community Health Services
Memory: We’re in this together.

Anh Ho
Electrocardiograph Tech
Memory: Contracting COVID-19.

Jessica Sohn
Social Worker, Palliative Care
Memory: Families didn’t know this was goodbye.

Dr. Ajeet Singh
Resident Physician
Memory: Losing my first COVID-19 patient.

Richard Espinoza
Chief Administration Officer
Memory: How can I help?

Sue Magidson
Chaplain & Spiritual Care Coordinator
Memory: Acting as a surrogate for family.

Betty Clark
Supervising Chaplain
Memory: Betty the chaplain-head.

Vicky Lipcomb
Lead PBX Operator
Memory: You heard fear in their voices.

Dr. Felicia Tornabene
Chief Medical Officer
Memory: This is what I was born to do.

Timeline of Events


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Community Testing

The Incident Command Center

Vaccination Clinics

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