Alameda Health System’s (AHS) Acute Rehabilitation Unit (ARU) is transferring from AHS-Fairmont Hospital to AHS-San Leandro Hospital in a move that will complete a $28 million reconstruction project at the San Leandro Campus.

The renovations began in March 2018 to comply with 2020 seismic requirements. ARU patients will move into the space Sunday, December 8, 2019.

The new location has 28 beds and state-of-the-art equipment and services. Each spacious room has upgraded beds, ADA compliant bathrooms and individual televisions making the stay for patients more comfortable. Designated rooms have overhead lifts that will decrease the likelihood of patient falls and physical strain on staff. The space also includes a rooftop therapeutic area that will allow patients to receive physical therapy in a scenic outdoor setting. Other features include a new gymnasium with a ZeroG system that suspends patients via a tether system that enables them to practice walking without fear of falling.

“We are all very excited about the new facility and we think our patients will be too. The new features give our patients a better experience and reinforces our commitment to providing high quality service to our community. The upgraded accommodations will continue to ensure patients receive the appropriate level of care at the appropriate time,” said Richard Espinoza, AHS chief administrative officer of post-acute services.

At San Leandro Hospital acute rehabilitation will be integrated with other key services offered in a traditional hospital setting, such as dialysis.

“Before, if a patient was in distress we would have to wait for an ambulance for transport, now those services will be under one roof streamlining the process and improving quality of care,” said Shelley Stubbendeck, program director for the AHS ARU.

The acute rehabilitation team is receiving training on the new equipment and touring the upgraded facility.