From The Military War Zone to The CoronaVirus Front Line

One of our own was recently featured by Good Morning America by a patient that she had cared for in the past.

Fourteen years ago, Nurse Debra Muhl, was better recognized as Lieutenant Colonel Deborah Muhl. She was a highly decorative Air Force Reservist nurse on the surgical team in Irag and Afghanistan. She bravely served our country and cared for the wounded. Nowadays, she has traded in her combat boots and left the military front line for “a funny little hat” and facial mask in another war much closer to home-the war we are waging against COVID-19. “This zone, in some ways, is much more frightening than the Iraq wars. It’s invisible, and you don’t where it is coming from” says Nurse Muhl. We thank Debra for her service and very honored to have her on our side.