AHS Achieves 2022 CHIME Digital Health Most Wired Recognition

Alameda Health System (AHS) earned the 2022 College of Healthcare Information Management Executives (CHIME) Digital Health Most Wired Level 8 recognition for acute and ambulatory. The CHIME Digital Health Most Wired program conducts an annual survey to assess how effectively health care organizations apply core and advanced technologies into their clinical and business programs to [...]

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For better outcomes, health systems invest in quality and safety workforce.

By Mari Devereaux for Modern Health Care. Before its leaders began putting resources toward revamping its quality program, Alameda Health System was in a tough spot. In 2020, the San Francisco Bay Area public health system received low hospital safety grades from the Leapfrog Group and five condition-level findings from the Joint Commission accrediting body, [...]

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AHS Index – October, 2022

The AHS Index is a new way to look at data that illuminates a snapshot of our world today. It is intended to highlight health inequities and spark conversation, debate, outrage and wonder. Hottest Bay Area temperature during last month’s Sep. 1 – 8 heatwave: 1161 Hottest local temperature ever recorded in the [...]

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AHS Mobile Health Clinic Serves Oakland’s Most Vulnerable at LavaMaeˣ Event

In support of Alameda Health System’s (AHS) mission to serve all, our mobile health clinic recently participated in the LavaMaeˣ Pop-Up Care Village (PUCV) at Frank Ogawa Plaza in Oakland helping to build healthier and thriving communities. LavaMaeˣ is a nonprofit that hosts PUCV’s that provide mobile showers, handwashing stations, haircuts, clothes and other community [...]

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The Evolution of Alameda Health System’s Equity Journey, and the Support of Peers

For the last year, Alameda Health System has gathered with 12 other California public health care systems to share strategies for dismantling structural racism in health care. The program is called the Racial Equity Community of Practice (CoP). It is a first-of-its-kind, designed specifically for public health care systems in partnership with the National Equity [...]

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AHS Awarded Grant for Telehealth Expansion Project

Alameda Health System (AHS) recently received a $316,000 grant to fund a telehealth expansion project that will further the organization’s commitment to providing patients better access to exceptional and equitable care. Under the leadership of Chief Administrative Officer of Population Health Tangerine Brigham, AHS submitted a funding request for the telehealth project through Senator Feinstein’s [...]

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Celebrating Spiritual Care Appreciation Week

Alameda Health System (AHS) celebrates our chaplains during Spiritual Care Appreciation Week, October 23 – 29, 2022. AHS recognizes the invaluable role chaplains play in the health and well-being of patients and staff considering their historic role of engaging in crisis. “Through their support during times of need and their everyday service of providing spiritual [...]

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Your Vote Counts! Register To Vote Today!

California’s midterm election is November 8, less than a month away, and Alameda Health System (AHS) encourages all employees to exercise their right to vote. County election officials will send ballots to registered voters starting October 10. If you want to vote in the midterm election, register on or before October 24. Californians can register to vote [...]

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Celebrating Our Midwives

We’re celebrating National Midwifery Week by honoring the midwives at Alameda Health System (AHS) who deliver excellent women’s health care, bring new life into our community daily, and promote a lifetime of wellness by eliminating health disparities from day one. AHS’s Family Birthing Center is the birthplace of 245 babies so far this (fiscal) year and is [...]

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You’re Essential – Shield Yourself From Flu and COVID-19

As we enter flu season and the fall and winter months, the threat of communicable diseases seems inevitable. The days and nights grow colder and more and more people gather indoors for longer periods of time increasing the chances of catching the flu or COVID. As health care workers you are essential to caring for [...]

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