High School to Health Care

The 2022 cohort of Alameda Health System's (AHS) HealthPATH interns graduated this week, ending their six-week immersion in the health care sector under the mentorship of clinicians, administrators, and staff at Highland Hospital. Every year, HealthPATH programs provide internships and work-based learning experiences to more than 300 middle school to college students from the Bay [...]

Alameda Health System Emerges as Wellspring of Black Physician Leadership

The East Bay public health system has spent decades nurturing a pipeline of diverse talent from the local community. OAKLAND, Calif., July 22, 2022 /PRNewswire/ -- A cohort of Alameda Health System's (AHS) HealthPATH interns will graduate next week, ending their six-week immersion in the health care sector under the mentorship of clinicians, administrators, and [...]

How two decades of physician diversity work is paying off at Alameda Health System.

Earlier this month, Alameda Health System witnessed a historic moment at one of its hospital's emergency departments that speaks to the organization's efforts to promote more diversity among its physician leaders, the Oakland, Calif.-based system said July 22. In an "entirely unplanned first" at Highland Hospital in Oakland, a team of Black emergency medicine residents [...]

Help us name the red-tailed hawks keeping watch over Highland Hospital.

Those who discover the interior courtyard of the Wilma Chan Highland Hospital Campus are often surprised to find one of Oakland’s most serene gardens and havens for birdwatching just yards from the commotion of the Highland Hospital Emergency Department. The courtyard is nestled between Highland’s historic architecture to the South, an ornate Spanish Baroque building [...]

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AHS Affinity Groups Want YOU!

Did you know that Alameda Health System (AHS) has affinity groups? Sometimes called employee resource groups (ERGs), affinity groups are voluntary, employee-led and open to new members. Active AHS affinity groups include: Black Employees & Allies Network LGBTQIA+ & Allies Group Latinx & Allies Group An Asian American and Pacific Islander affinity group is [...]

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The Red-Tailed Hawks Keeping Watch over Highland Hospital

The triangularly shaped Wilma Chan Highland Hospital Campus on 14th Avenue in East Oakland is built on a gentle hill, with the newer, sleek glass towers housing the emergency room and acute care at the top, and the institution’s old Spanish Baroque halls, built in 1927 and topped with ornate cupolas, at the bottom. Many of [...]

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A Historic Shift Change Sparks Celebration of Black Physician Leadership at AHS

How much Black excellence can AHS pack into one shift change? At Highland Hospital’s Emergency Department (ED), the answer is 100%. Last week, in an entirely unplanned first at AHS, a team of Black ED residents switched shifts with a second team of all Black residents. Left to right:Jamal Jefferson M.D., M.B.A., Jeremiah [...]

BEST Initiatives Updates

This month’s update on the BEST Initiatives spotlights the Care Optimization workstream. The team has been hard at work designing solutions for three different priorities: Interdisciplinary Rounds (IDRs) and Care Management, Transfer Center, and Emergency Department (ED) Nursing. The solutions for each of these areas will be piloted at Highland and then modified for [...]

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Honoring Extraordinary Nurses with DAISYs

Alameda Health System (AHS) invites nominations for the newly launched Daisy Awards that honor and recognize exemplary nurses at all AHS facilities. Twice a year nurses from Ambulatory, John George, Post Acute and Alameda, Highland and San Leandro Hospitals will be awarded the DAISY Award. DAISY Award Honorees will be recognized by leadership at [...]

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America’s Essential Hospitals Names three AHS Leaders to Newest Fellows Class

Representing Alameda Health System (AHS) and the future of essential hospital leadership, Lorna Jones, JD, chief human resources officer, Sarah Rahman, MD, associate chief medical information officer and Evan Rusoja, MD, PhD, medical director of acute care health outcomes and emergency medicine were recently honored by America’s Essential Hospitals to participate the 2022-2023 Fellows [...]

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