Congratulations to the Highland Hospital 2022 SimWars Champions!

A team of Highland Hospital emergency medicine residents won the SimWars national title at the Society for Academic Emergency Medicine Simulation Academy’s SAEM22 Annual Meeting in New Orleans last week. Highland residents Dr. Jamal Jefferson, Dr. Esteban Cubillos Torres, Dr. Lexi Lambeck, Dr. Naya Misa, and Dr. Chloe Solomon beat Vanderbilt University in the first [...]

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Feeling Stressed? AHS Support Services Can Help

As health care workers, we are exposed to sickness and trauma every day. Which is why Alameda Health System (AHS) offers a range of behavioral health tools and services for employees through our Employee Assistant Programs (EAP) that are meant to support and enhance staff well-being. Staff and their eligible family members can receive [...]

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Bridging Linguistic, Cultural and Health Equity Gaps for AHS Patients

Born in mainland China, Candace Luo, program coordinator and training facilitator for the qualified bilingual staff (QBS) program, moved to the Bay Area and attended high school in San Francisco. She was raised speaking Mandarin at home with her parents but is also fluent in Sichuanese spoken by her grandparents and Cantonese which she [...]

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Be Stroke Smart and “BE FAST”!

May is Stroke Awareness Month and Alameda Health System’s (AHS) Primary Stroke Center at Alameda Hospital would like to remind you that when it comes to stroke, every second counts! Nearly 2 million brain cells die each minute a stroke remains untreated. Rapid access to medical treatment can make the difference between full recovery [...]

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From Patient to Advocate and Partner

Her History Loretta Medellin, AHS Homeless Health Center Co-Applicant Board (CAB) Chair, has been an AHS patient for a number of years and strong patient advocate. She was a high school teacher until an unexpected health condition changed her social circumstances. Loretta Medellin, AHS Homeless Health Center Co-Applicant Board (CAB) Chair According [...]

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BEST Initiatives Updates

Thank you to everyone who has played a role in the success of our Building Excellence, Sustainability, and Trust (BEST) Initiatives!  These initiatives encompass several priorities within Revenue Cycle, Pharmacy, Supply Chain, Care Optimization and the Medical Group. While there is more to do to reach our ultimate financial goals, collectively these five initiatives [...]

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Highland Hospital’s Dr. Herring Delivers “Game Changing” Treatment for Opioid Addiction

“We are at a critical point in the opioid epidemic,” says Andrew Herring, MD. “In Oakland right now, this is when the greatest number of deaths are occurring because Fentanyl is entering the system. It’s happening now.” Dr. Herring leads the Bridge Substance Use Clinic at Highland Hospital, where something unusual happens. Patients arrive [...]

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Telehealth Kits Empower Patients to Monitor their Health and Wellness

In support of Alameda Health System’s (AHS) ongoing commitment to improve quality, efficiency and patient access to health care services, the complex care and ambulatory care teams recently partnered to secure a donation of 115 telehealth kits from Anthem Blue Cross. Telehealth kits donated by Anthem Blue Cross contain critical tools and resources [...]

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Celebrating Nurses, Skilled Nursing Care and Hospital Week

In recognition of Nurses, Skilled Nursing Care and Hospital Week, AHS wants to acknowledge your hard work and dedication. From day one of the pandemic, you stood on the front lines of AHS’s response to COVID-19 and boldly navigated the unknown threat to yourselves, families, colleagues, patients and residents. You faced extraordinary challenges, but [...]

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Over 1200 People Become Moms at the Family Birthing Center Each Year

Don’t forget to call the moms, grandmoms, or mom figures in your life this weekend. Sunday is Mother’s Day 2022! This year, we’d like to celebrate Mother’s Day by honoring The Family Birthing Center staff who help 1200 people become moms every year. Thank you to the entire birthing center team who work tirelessly [...]

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