2021 Reflections – The Future Looks Bright

As we approach the end of 2021, I’d like to take a moment to stop and reflect on the great work we’ve done. These past two years have been tempestuous and it’s amazing to think of all we’ve been able to accomplish during this pandemic and while it would be impossible to name all [...]

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Notice of Recruitment Fraud

It has come to the attention of Alameda Health System (AHS) that individuals are impersonating AHS Human Resources staff to offer fictitious job opportunities. These offers are often accompanied with a check to be cashed by the applicant or requests of personal information through an online form or application. Please do not respond to [...]

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Delivering an Exceptional Patient Experience is a Team Effort

At Alameda Health System (AHS) patient experience is at the center of everything we do so we can provide the best quality care for our patients and the community we serve. “The patient experience is an integral component in measuring quality and includes several aspects of service that patients value when seeking and receiving [...]

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Adopt-A-Family Brings Joy to Those in Need

Thank you for making this year’s holiday season a joyful one for 74 Alameda Health System (AHS) families. For many AHS patients that walk through our front doors, the holidays can be an especially trying time.  In addition to meeting the daily, and often difficult demands of feeding, clothing, and housing their families with [...]

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AHS Pediatric Care Team Takes Top Honors for Childhood Immunizations

The Alameda Health System (AHS) was recently named as one of the top performers in the State for childhood immunizations by the Department of Health Care Services (DHCS). This accolade is a tribute to the pediatric team who have worked tirelessly to bring children in for wellness checks and critical vaccinations during COVID-19. “This [...]

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Transcending Language Barriers and Building Health Literacy

Going to the doctor can be an uncomfortable and intimidating experience. Imagine the fear and frustration of not being able to describe your symptoms or share your medical history to a physician or nurse because you don’t speak the same language. Language can be a major barrier to health care for the numerous Alameda [...]

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Employee Spotlight: Dean Shold, Chief Technology Officer

He isn’t a physician or frontline health care worker, but Chief Technology Officer Dean Shold’s personal passion is helping save the lives of many Bay Area community members using recreational drugs, not  knowing they could be lethal. Shold is the co-founder of FentCheck, a non-profit that provides fentanyl test strips and education to drug [...]

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Outpatient Behavioral Health Services

Outpatient Behavioral Health Services Outpatient behavioral health services are offered at two convenient locations for Alameda Health System and Alameda County residents: Highland Hospital Campus in Oakland for residents in the north part of the county and Fairmont Hospital Campus in San Leandro for residents in the south and east part of the county. [...]

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