Staff at Highland Hospital ED Receive Thank You Meals

At the height of the pandemic in April 2020, for several months, many local restaurants generously donated meals to Alameda Health System (AHS) frontline workers. This week in a show of continuous generosity and appreciation, two Oakland restaurant owners, Jose “Cheo” Ortiz, of La Perla restaurant and Jun Anabo of Lucky 37 restaurant returned [...]

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Announcement of Chief Nursing Officer-Alameda Health System

I am very pleased to announce that Romoanetia (Ro) Lofton, RN, DNP, MSN, MBA, NE-BC has accepted the position of Chief Nursing Officer for Alameda Health system beginning November 29, 2021.  Ro is currently the Chief Nursing Executive (CNE) at Kaiser Permanente San Leandro Hospital. Prior to this she was an Associate CNE with [...]

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Alameda Hospital’s New Island Café Opens its Doors

In November of 2019, Alameda Health System began the multi-year remodel and seismic upgrade of its Alameda Hospital campus and less than two years later, on October 21, the kitchen moved operations and began preparing patient food and on October 25, the new Alameda Hospital Café opened its doors to employees, patients and visitors. [...]

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Moving Beyond the Holiday Blues

Gathering around the table for a holiday feast, exchanging presents and connecting with family and friends can be a joyful celebration for many but for others, the holiday blues can trigger feelings of sadness that may last throughout the holiday season, especially during the months of November and December. In addition, people with a [...]

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Employee Spotlight: Heather MacDonald-Fine, Practice Manager for AHS Homeless Health Center

At Alameda Health System (AHS) we recognize that where people live and how they live has a big impact on their health and well-being. Without a safe place to call home, it is nearly impossible to focus on basic health and medical needs especially during the pandemic. Heather MacDonald-Fine, practice manager for AHS Homeless [...]

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BElovedBIRTH Black Centering Celebrates 1 year Anniversary

One year ago, Alameda Health System (AHS) in collaboration with the Alameda County Public Health Department (ACPHD) launched BElovedBIRTH Black Centering, an evolution in perinatal care for Black people. It is rooted in antiracism and the birth justice movement. “We developed BElovedBIRTH Black Centering to combat the crisis of Black birthing people and their [...]

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AHS Hosts Clinics for Afghan Refugees

Alameda Health System (AHS) continues to demonstrate its mission of serving all by hosting two special clinics to connect new Afghan community members who began resettling in the Bay Area in mid-August with health care services, a primary care home and other health resources.  The clinics were organized and operationalized by Kathryn Horner, vice [...]

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