Let’s Help Our Neighborhood Children Succeed!

Backpack and School Supply Drive... As our neighborhood children return to in-person learning, some for the very first time, let’s help them have what they need to succeed! In 2019 Alameda Health System (AHS) held a successful backpack and school supply drive for a neighborhood school just blocks from Highland Hospital. This year [...]

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Employee Spotlight: E’Jaaz Ali, Chief Information Security Officer

One of the best things about working here is the diversity—not just diversity in people, but diversity in mind. An example I like to use is three plus four equals seven, but so does five plus two and six plus one. There’s many different ways to get to [...]

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Building Excellence, Sustainability and Trust (BEST)

Our communities depend on us for care every day and we, Alameda Health System, have an obligation to competently steward the limited and invaluable resources we have to serve our community. It is important for us to take measures now to become a highly reliable organization over time. The healthcare landscape is ever changing, [...]

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COVID-19 Cases on the Rise – Vaccination Best Protection

Alameda County officials warned Thursday, July 8, 2021 that COVID-19 cases and hospitalizations are on the rise with many of those being impacted living in communities where vaccination rates are lowest including many of the communities we serve. The latest increases are likely due to reopening, a decrease in masking and circulation of the [...]

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HealthPATH Hosts Fourth Young Men of Color Cohort

One of the most important ways Alameda Health System (AHS) continues to demonstrate its mission of teaching and delivering on its vision to promote wellness and eliminate disparities in health care is through the Young Men of Color Cohort summer program. For the fourth consecutive year, HealthPATH is hosting 14 young men of color [...]

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Celebrate the 4th Safely!

Understandably, many people are eager to celebrate the first holiday since the lifting of COVID restrictions, but California is experiencing an early fire season, widespread drought and extremely dry vegetation. Fire officials worry that current conditions could lead to the perfect storm. One spark from a firework can have disastrous consequences including serious injuries and [...]

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