Meet Our First Teens Who Received COVID-19 Vaccines

Alameda Health System is proud to be offering COVID-19 vaccines to teens 12 an older. Students can receive the COVID-19 vaccine at Highland Hospital with parental consent by calling 510-437-8500 to schedule an appointment. We had an opportunity to chat with some of the first teens to receive vaccine at AHS. Read more about [...]

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Reducing the Risk of Stroke by Making the Changes that Matter

Alameda Health System patient Reginald McKennie learned the hard way that “you got to stay on it.” That is his advice for anyone taking blood pressure medicine. “I was feeling great, eating right and I lost 30 pounds. So about two years ago, I stopped taking my blood pressure medicine. I thought I no [...]

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Stop the Bleed Class Student Saves Life

Stop the Bleed Class Student Uses Learned Skills to Save a Bleeding Victim at Highland Hospital Two months ago, a 16-year-old local high school student had no idea she was about to save a man’s life and become a hero when gun shots rang out in her neighborhood. Sitting at home, Adrianne (alternate [...]

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Giving Mothers and Babies the Gift of Bonding with Breast Milk

After nine long months of waiting, at birth, a mother finally gets a chance to hold her baby in her arms, gaze into their eyes and count their little fingers and toes. The first few minutes after birth are a magical time to bond with baby and to begin breastfeeding. For some mothers breastfeeding [...]

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My Experience as an Asian American

By Cheryl de Ocampo, MPH. EHR Implementation Manager As we celebrate Asian American and Pacific Islander (AAPI) Heritage Month, it is important we recognize the unique histories, stories, cultures, languages and contributions the AAPI community has made to the United States. Although many groups fall under the AAPI umbrella and are often lumped together [...]

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Keeping our Neighborhood Clean!

On Saturday, April 24, AHS held its first Highland Hospital Neighborhood Clean-up since the start of the pandemic and we want to thank those that volunteered their time to show support to our neighbors. In 2017, AHS partnered with the City of Oakland’s Adopt-a-Spot program in response to concerns from our neighbors about debris [...]

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AHS Board of Trustees Extends Interim CEO Contract

For Immediate Release Oakland, CA - May 3, 2021 - On May 1, 2021 the Alameda Health System (AHS) board unanimously endorsed James Jackson, interim CEO, with a six-month contract extension, effective May 23. Jackson was appointed in January to lead Alameda County’s comprehensive health services provider. The contract extension ensures that Jackson will continue [...]

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