A Soldier on Two Fronts

From The Military War Zone to The CoronaVirus Front Line One of our own was recently featured by Good Morning America by a patient that she had cared for in the past. Fourteen years ago, Nurse Debra Muhl, was better recognized as Lieutenant Colonel Deborah Muhl. She was a highly decorative Air [...]

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A Message from DR. Ghassan for #NATIONALDOCTORSDAY

“..THANK YOU FOR YOUR DEDICATION, BRAVERY, HARD WORK AND COMMITMENT..” Dear Doctors, Today is National Doctors’ Day. I am taking this opportunity to thank you for your dedication, bravery, hard work and commitment during this unprecedented time. It is beyond imagination how our world has changed in less than a few weeks, [...]

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We Are Currently Accepting Supply Donations

Alameda Health System appreciates the overwhelming support from members of our community.  It is currently accepting supplies for use by hospital and clinic staff at Alameda Hospital, Fairmont Hospital & Rehabilitation Center, Highland Hospital, John George Psychiatric Hospital, San Leandro Hospital and its Wellness Centers. Donations can be delivered to Fairmont Hospital, Central Supply Service, [...]

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AHS Prepares for Potential Surge

As the number of COVID-19 cases rise in the United States and in the Bay Area., AHS has been preparing should we receive an influx of patients at our acute-care hospitals. We’ve worked with regulatory agencies to be able to open alternate COVID-19 sites at Alameda, Highland and San Leandro hospitals.   Highland Hospital has [...]

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March is National Colorectal Awareness Month

Dr. Deborah Ellis is taking a pound of cure these days, because she delayed the ounce of prevention longer than she should have. “I am a champion for screening. When you are told by your physician to get screened, get it done. Make no excuses. Do [...]

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Meet Jackie Ho, Our Clinical Pharmacy Coordinator

“I’m the type of person who loves to learn. I like to be challenged and be able to expand my knowledge and contribute more.” Jackie Ho, PharmD, MPH Clinical Pharmacy Coordinator Alameda Health System–San Leandro Hospital After college, I [...]

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