CenteringPregnancy Expands to Hayward Wellness Center

Alameda Health System, the Bay Area’s leading public health system, announced today the expansion of its Centering program that significantly reduces the birth rate of preterm and low weight babies to its Hayward Wellness Center in South Alameda County. The ability to serve more expectant mothers is due to a $30,000 grant from the [...]

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Treating Opioid Addiction in the ER

This video was published by the California Healthcare Foundation and features Andrew Herring, M.D., emergency physician at Alameda Health System-Highland Hospital. ER visits related to opioids are climbing. Typically, patients’ symptoms are treated, but the underlying disease of addiction is not. Buprenorphine, an effective addiction treatment, is now being offered by physicians in some [...]

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AHS—Where Everybody Knows Your Name

Every week a group of people gather at the Alameda Health System (AHS)-Hayward Wellness Center for happy hour to dance, laugh, eat and connect. The only thing missing is the cocktails. “One of AHS’s PRIME projects focuses on depression – screening, treating, and monitoring. In addition to conventional medications and counseling services, we wanted [...]

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Pot Breathalyzer Being Tested by Oakland Firm Could Be the Standard for Law Enforcement

Originally posted on NBC Bay Area Featuring Mike Lynn M.D., emergency physician at Alameda Health System-Highland Hospital May 16, 2018 By Sam Brock The deadly crash in Fremont is reigniting concerns over driving while stoned. Marijuana DUI arrests could jump by as much as 70 percent this year in the wake of the legalization [...]

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Hospital Aims to Fix Oakland Food Desert, Boost Population Health

3-minute case study: From food desert to food oasis Originally published in AthenaInsight. By Lia Novotny May 14, 2018 What innovations drive success in healthcare? Here's a tactic from a leading healthcare organization on the athenahealth network. The Problem Highland Hospital, a public hospital in the Alameda Health System that serves all [...]

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The Heart of a Woman

Sophie Barbant, M.D. trained cardiologist had a patient Madeleine, who had to make a tough choice, take care of her family and die or take care of herself and live. Barbant, originally from France, first met Madeleine in her role as the Director of the Cardiology Clinic at Alameda Health System-Highland Hospital. “Madeleine left Cameroon [...]

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Guest Commentary: Let’s work to end disparities in prenatal care for women of color

Originally published in Modern Healthcare By Delvecchio Finley May 9, 2018 On Mother's Day we pay tribute to the women to whom we owe our lives. While it's a heartwarming celebration, the chances to enjoy pregnancy, childbirth and motherhood differ vastly, with African-American women at a distinct disadvantage. Many African-American women [...]

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The Power of Food

As a patient centered health care organization we know that proper nutrition is vital for the health and wellbeing of our patients. In that same sentiment, we also care about the nutrition, health and wellbeing of staff, which is why Terrance Hawkins, cook at the Alameda Health System-Fairmont Hospital Cafe is such an important [...]

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Preventing Senior Falls Can Save Lives

Seventy-year-old Wanda was startled awake on the floor of her Oakland apartment with a loud crash and a bump on her head. It was the middle of the night and she was sleep-walking. She had just tripped on her area rug, fallen and hit her head against the wall. She woke with her head [...]

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