NPR: Doctor Takes Death Education To High School Classrooms

Originally published in National Public Radio. February 25, 2017 NPR's Michel Martin talks with Dr. Jessica Zitter about preparing high-school students to deal with end-of-life care. Zitter is a critical care and palliative medical doctor in Oakland, Calif. Transcript MICHEL MARTIN, HOST: Obviously, in our line of work, we value people who can [...]

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Dan Krauss’ Oscar-Nominated ‘Extremis’ Faces End-of-Life Decisions

Originally posted in KQED. By Michael Fox February 22, 2017 Documentary filmmakers regularly venture into crisis zones to show us conditions in remote locations that we’ll never visit. But they also serve an important function when the situation they cover is closer to home and one we’re likely to experience, such as the [...]

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Alameda Health System Reaffirms Commitment to Serving All

AHS Board of Trustees Issues Resolution in Response to Recent Immigration Policy Changes The Alameda Health System (AHS) Board of Trustees has adopted a resolution reaffirming the health system's commitment to providing healthcare services for all, including vulnerable populations and the uninsured, without regard to income, ethnicity, sexual orientation, gender identification or citizenship. As an [...]

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Community Engagement Efforts Aim to Improve Infant Safety

Turning tragedy into action, Stefania Kaplanes, AHS trauma prevention manager, is motivated by the “saddest two hours of (each) month.” “I sit on the Alameda County Child Death Review Committee. It is the saddest two hours of the month,” Kaplanes said. “Hearing the cases motivates me to bring the best practices I learn back [...]

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