Nonprofit website connects low-income people with social services

Originally published in The Mercury News. By Chris De Benedetti November 7, 2014 When Rey Faustino’s family settled in the Bay Area a quarter-century ago, he was an immigrant child yearning to help his parents make ends meet. Years later, Faustino has given other families what he wanted for his own — easy-to-use [...]

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Bay Area pediatricians focus on oral health

Originally published in OaklandNorth. By Mara Van Ells November 6, 2014 Nine-month-old Xochil Gonzalez squirmed and fussed as medical assistant Hilda Romero Gomez daubed a yellowish white mixture onto her baby teeth. “Swipe and swipe,” Romero Gomez said as she quickly painted the fluoride varnish onto Xochil’s bottom two teeth with a miniscule [...]

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