Hope Center clinic serves ‘super users’

Originally published in SF Chronicle. By Drew Joseph March 24, 2013 Hervy Luster's blood pressure flashed 133/86. The top figure had been above 150 a few weeks prior. "That's awesome," said Dr. Dave Moskowitz. "The garlic is working," Luster, 59, said with a laugh, explaining he had eaten lots of garlic lately. "Not [...]

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Palliative therapy teams coordinate care

Originally published in SFGate. By Victoria Colliver March 12, 2013 Gloria Romaine has advanced, inoperable cancer, but hospice was never a consideration for the 61-year-old San Leandro woman. Romaine is not ready for an end-of-life strategy. She's actively fighting her cancer and wants help managing her pain. When her doctors at Oakland's Highland Hospital mentioned [...]

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