In our continued efforts to keep our community and patients safe and to maintain an infection-free environment at our hospital we have modified our visitor guidelines as follows.

In Hospitals

Visitors will not be permitted except in the very limited circumstances listed below.

• Patients in labor may have one support person per stay, from admission to
• Patients who require assistance including minors and individuals with special needs
may have one parent or guardian.
• Neonatal Intensive Care Unit (NICU) patients may have one parent visit at a time (both parents will
be permitted to visit, but not at the same time).
• End of Life patients may have visitors, which will be coordinated directly with the care team.
• Pet visits are restricted unless it is a service animal or visiting an End of Life patient.
• If the visitor is critical to the therapeutic or safe discharge plan.

We highly encourage alternative means of communication to provide healing support, such as phone
calls, FaceTime, Google Hangouts and Skype.

In Clinics

For all ambulatory clinics, the visiting guidance is as follows:

• It is preferred the patient come alone to minimize infection risk
• If needed, we will accommodate one visitor.