Jeanette Dong is currently the Director of Recreation and Human Services for the City of San Leandro.  In 2016, she and her team received the “Community Champion Award” from Assemblymember Rob Bonta for their work with the San Leandro Homeless Compact.  In 2017, the team received the prestigious Helen Putnam Award for Excellence and Innovation from the League of Cities for her work with the homeless community in San Leandro. The Metropolitan Transportation Commission/ABAG also recognized this work with the Metro Award in 2018.

Previously she was the Chief of Staff for Supervisor Wilma Chan and led the staff in policy development and tactical field operations.  One of her key achievements was assisting the Supervisor with the strategy and negotiations that resulted in the contribution of San Leandro Hospital from Sutter to Alameda Health System.

Ms. Dong also served as the Associate Vice Chancellor for Advancement and Workforce Development for the Peralta Community Colleges.  At Peralta she initiated several instrumental workforce programs and raised over $20 million in her first academic year.

As a staffperson in the California State Assembly, Jeanette created the first Black Infant Health Task Force with statewide funding for programs and developed a coordinated environment to persuade UCLA to grant tenure to the system’s first tenured ethnic studies professor.  As a private consultant, she increased the number of Asian Pacific Islanders to general and judicial appointments.

Ms. Dong has an expansive career including positions with the California State Assembly, Alameda County, The Port of Oakland and Asian Health Services/La Clinica de la Raza.  Her area of expertise includes government affairs, philanthropy, health care, social services, advancement and transportation.  She also advanced for President Bill Clinton and Vice President Al Gore during several visits to Oakland.  Jeanette has held several appointments from Assembly Speakers and other state-elected/appointed officials:  California Board of Registered Nursing, California Public Health Advisory Committee, Member, California Public Utilities Commission Workforce Development Task Force and the California Health and Wellness Task Force (SDE) and numerous other appointments in San Francisco and Oakland.

Ms. Dong was also the recipient of the Pioneer Award from East Bay Innovations, Women Warrior Award and the American Lung Association of the East Bay Community Leader Award.

Jeanette is a graduate of the University of California, Berkeley and received her Master’s Degree from     Columbia University.  She was also an APPAM Sloan Fellow at Harvard University and a Coro Foundation Fellow.

When not working, Jeanette enjoys family and friends, hiking, travelling, entertaining, sports, writing and is the biggest Golden State Warriors fan.