Our Approach to Media

We have a strong commitment to supporting media representatives who seek to bring important insight and information to the community about health, and we understand what media requires in order to keep pace in a competitive news environment. Our Communications team is knowledgeable and ready to be your bridge to expert sources – whether from our executives, physicians or other medical specialists throughout our system.

To schedule an interview or for more information, contact:

Media Relations
After Hours: 510-967-0409

Jerri Applegate Randrup
Director of Corporate Communication & Marketing
Alameda Health System

Patient privacy is critical and we adhere strictly to HIPPA laws and standards around access to our patients and facilities. That means that if you would like to interview or photograph patients for a story, we must obtain written consent from the patient and verbal consent from their physician(s). It also means that having some lead time to make sure we secure patient consent is something that you should build into the process.

Here are some of the specific media services that AHS Communications offers:

Newsroom background sessions

Our executives or medical experts will come to your newsroom to conduct on-the-record background sessions with reporters on a variety of topics. Whether a brownbag lunch in your newsroom conference space or a Skype or telephone conference with your reporting team, we can – with reasonable notice – assemble teams of experts to give more comprehensive perspectives on issues affecting your health or community beats.

Editorial board meetings

If your editorial board is interested in a new health finding, a policy issue affecting health care, the impact of a new law or other issues that have implications for the greater good or the health of your readers, our executives and senior physicians are able to weigh in at a meeting with your editorial board. From time to time, we might like to initiate a visit with your editorial team to make a case for an issue we feel strongly about too.

Quoted sources

Our expert sources are available on deadline to deliver expert on-the-record comment on the air or by telephone to TV, radio and print reporters as they go about their daily reporting activity. AHS offers many care options and services that benefit the general population of Alameda County. We’re always eager to make these services visible. For instance, we have new or growing initiatives in pediatric obesity and nutrition, orthopedics, dentistry, palliative consult care, geriatrics and much more.


We are well-connected in the medical community in the Bay Area, as well as regionally and nationally. We can supply referrals to many expert and community contacts to help reporters expand their perspective on stories.

Electronic media

AHS has numerous subject matter experts who can provide on-air and live commentary on a wide array of health care and medical topics for television and radio.

Opinion or contributed articles

Our executives and key physicians are always interested in delivering their opinions. We can provide written contributed pieces for your publication or opinion geared to the needs of television, bloggers, radio and other non-traditional outlets.

Practical information

We are happy to support practical “how to” articles or pieces that deliver important practical information to the community around health and health care, access to health care services, and inside knowledge of how to get the care and service your readers, viewers or listeners need from their providers.