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SLH Hosts BBQ for Paramedics Plus

San Leandro, CA | October 30, 2015 | 12:00pm PST

On a beautiful Friday afternoon San Leandro Hospital (SLH) hosted a BBQ for Paramedics Plus, SLH ER employees, and other EMTs in the area as a way to say thank you for their hard work and support of SLH.

“The EMTs work incredibly hard with very limited resources and we very much appreciate them.” ~ Vanessa Calderon, ER Medical Director, San Leandro Hospital

Over the past couple of  years SLH has worked closely with Paramedics Plus, and other EMTs in the area to build strong relationships, learn how to better accommodate their needs (such as making it easier for them to drop off and pick up patients) and to educate them on the services SLH provides (e.g. Orthopedics).

A big thank you to Viki Ardito (AVP Patient Care Servcies), Ariel Masana (ED Manager), and Karen Black (Physician & Community Relations Manager) for putting the BBQ together.

It was a great turn-out!


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