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San Leandro Staff Support "Rock for Tots"


    “Rock for Tots”

    Bill Bradley, Chief Engineer at San Leandro Hospital, takes his talent for classic rock music, a realization that the meager $300-400 his band earns each month could go to a better cause, and his 10-year niece as inspiration, to raise money for various charities across the bay area.

    Here is his story:


    My name is Bill Bradley, I am the Chief Engineer at San Leandro Hospital. My hobby is playing music in a classic rock band  called BlackOut. Generally, the band plays monthly club dates to packed audiences and the clubs pay a meager $300-$400 for an evening of Rock and Roll entertainment. It’s not really enough money to change the musician’s lives in any way, so we’ve recently decided to donate the proceeds to various charities. I have a 10 year-old niece Camryn Caliz, who struggles with Juvenile Rheumatoid Arthritis and takes a sort of chemo infusion periodically to stave off the pain, inflammation, and possible loss of her eyesight. With her in mind, we teamed up with the Arthritis Foundation and threw an evening benefit “Rock for Tots” at a local watering hole “The Mojo Lounge” in Fremont. I would love to thank AHS’s San Leandro employees that came out to support a great charity and helped to make it a success. We raised a lot of money and had a great time in the process! Happy Holidays!!


    Bill Bradley | Engineering Dept.

    San Leandro Hospital

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