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NBC NEWS Visits Fairmont!

NBC Bay Area news (Channel 5) aired an amazing story last nigh as the result of a visit to Fairmont Hospital yesterday afternoon to our physical therapy department!

AHS facilitated the visit by reporter Garvin Thomas who told us today about his wonderful experience with the Fairmont team, from the welcoming reception by Security, to his interactions with the staff. The idea originated when the reporter was contacted by patient Arthur who wanted to share his story of struggle and support. The story deepens with the work of Eugene, a young man who quit his job for 6 months to walk the Pacific Coast Trail and raise the $80,000 needed to purchase the exoskeleton. Yesterday at Fairmont, Eugene and Arthur were reunited for the first time since the fundraising began, and the patient experienced his first training session. Fairmont physical therapist Tony Lema is one of the few PTs outside of Re-Walk trained to assist patients with the exoskeleton, and we learned today that Arthur did better than most patients on his first experience with the device.

Our sincere gratitude to the team at Fairmont and, in particular, Tony Lema, Joan Denzler, and Iesha Brandon for making the visit so successful!

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