CEO Delvecchio Finley Named "Up and Comer" by Modern Healthcare

It’s another great news day for AHS! Today, Modern Healthcare announced its “Up and Comers” for 2015 and we are pleased to find our own CEO Delvecchio S. Finley among the 12 individuals honored by the national publication. With more than 150 nominations received, the “editors looked for something more than the exemplary leadership skills that are required to reach the top rungs of any field.”

Read on to learn more about this exciting award and well deserved recognition. Congratulations to all of this year’s recipients and, most especially, our own CEO!

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Today’s young standouts offer something more than leadership skills

By Merrill Goozner  | October 10, 2015

It isn’t easy to predict who is destined for greatness among the next generation of healthcare leaders. Loyalty is in short supply in today’s workplace environment, as are leadership skills.

Truly talented young leaders are in demand in every industry and their skills are transferable. Today’s standout young healthcare leader could wind up running a Fortune 500 corporation in a totally unrelated field.

Modern Healthcare received more than 150 nominations for its 2015 class of Up & Comers. In choosing the winners, the editors looked for something more than the exemplary leadership skills that are required to reach the top rungs of any field.

After reading the profiles of these dozen young leaders, I hope you’ll agree that they have that something more. Some see leadership through the prism of the deep compassion for individual patients that brought them into healthcare in the first place.

Others have dedicated their professional lives to improving the health of the general public. Advancing medical technology is playing an increasingly important role in improving the quality of care, so we’ve included technology drivers among those we chose as being among the future leaders in the field.

They are a diverse group, although they still are not reflective of the general population they serve. That is a result of both the nomination pool and the barriers women and minorities still face in the workplace.

We need more Up & Comers to say, like Gabriela Saenz, vice president of advocacy and public policy of Christus Health, that “no matter what, just keep dancing.”

Modern Healthcare Up & Comers: 2015

Delvecchio Finley, 38


Alameda Health System

Delvecchio Finley built an impressive track record long before he took over this year at public health system Alameda Health in Oakland, Calif.

Finley opened people’s eyes as a young CEO at the Harbor-UCLA Medical Center, a Los Angeles County hospital, which had just received dismal results in a CMS survey.

delvecchiocapture“My first or second week there, I got the kind of letter you never want to get,” Finley said. “We were deemed non compliant.

“He said the turnaround was already underway, but it was up to him to “marshal the team over the finish line.”

Finley grew up in an Atlanta housing project. The beginning of his healthcare career was just as humble. While in college, he worked as a parking attendant at Piedmont Hospital. After that, he was a medical records file clerk and then an emergency room registrar—like the Jerry and Frank characters in the “ER” television show. “Only I wasn’t as charismatic,” he joked.

That was followed by work as an intensive-care-unit technician and then, after earning his master’s degree in public policy from Duke University, a job as an associate administrator with the San Francisco Public Health Department.

“He’s chosen to work in public hospitals, but he could work anywhere,” said Jessie Tucker III, executive vice president and administrator at Houston’s Lyndon B. Johnson Hospital, who nominated Finley. “I wouldn’t put any limits on his future.”

—Andis Robeznieks

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