Celebrating Our Hardworking Residents

A big shout out to two of our hardworking residents!

Accolades received from the American College of Emergency Physicians Scientific Assembly / National Meeting:

Lia Losonczy, MD, MPH, Class of 2016 (currently a Critical Care Medicine Fellow at Maryland Shock Trauma) won the 2016 ACEP National Humanities in Medicine writing competition.

Graham Brant-Zawadzki, MD, Class of 2017 (current 4th year) is the 2016 National CPC Competition Finals runner-up. Graham presented a case of gestational trophoblastic disease mimicking hyperthyroidism.

We are incredibly proud of both Lia and Graham. Graham’s success represents the third time in the past 4 years that our program (either attending in 2012, attending and resident in 2014, and then resident this year) has made it to the national finals in the CPC. Lia’s win is the first in that category.


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