Alameda Parks and Recreation: Alameda Hospital Walk

Alameda Walks Visits Alameda Hospital

Alameda Parks and Recreation Department provides advice, coordination, and guidance on parks and recreational facilities in the city of Alameda. One of the activities they conduct is called Alameda Walks where they invite Alameda residents to lace up their walking shoes, bring family, friends, and neighbors and join them on an hour-long walk on the 1st and 2nd Saturday mornings of each month, May through October. For those who are new to Alameda or have lived there for decades, this is a great way to begin a Saturday morning exploring neighborhoods and learning about the history of Alameda. The walks begin at 9:00 a.m. and last approximately one hour.

On Saturday, August 6, I attended a walk that started in the parking lot of Alameda Hospital. Though the hospital started in a small house in 1894, the original hospital was built in 1925 and was immediately adjacent to the San Francisco Bay. The waves used to splash against a wall just a few feet from the hospital. Today, that building has not been seismically retrofitted, so it is not suitable for patient care. It now serves as doctors and administrative offices.

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Being adjacent to the Bay changed in the 1950s when the Utah Construction Company dredged and filled 335 acres adjacent to the shore for new development. The area was then named Old South Shore. The end of Union Street was originally the shoreline to the San Francisco Bay.

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The current hospital was built in 1985.

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The hospital has 251 beds. They were proud to show off their brand new, state-of-the-art hospital beds.

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Many of the homes neighboring the hospital were built by architect Joseph Leonard. The area even became known as Leonardville.

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This house, known as Captain’s Corner, was built in 1893 for the Commodore of the Encinal Yacht Club.

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An adjacent area to Leonardville is known as The Gold Coast. It takes its name from The Gold Coast in Australia. Most of the homes were built for wealthy San Franciscans who wanted summer homes out of the fog.

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My guess is that the paint colors were chosen to restore the home for historical accuracy instead of taste.

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One of the famous historical homes in The Gold Coast is The Meyers House. The Meyers House was erected in 1897. The colonial revival style home was designed and built for the prominent east bay architect, Henry H. Meyers. It served as the family residence from 1897 to 1993. Meyers designed the Alameda Posey Tube portals, Twin Towers Methodist and First Presbyterian churches, Alameda Veterans building, and numerous buildings throughout the Bay Area.

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Lead singer for the Doors, Jim Morrison, lives briefly in Alameda. It is rumored that this is the house where he lived.

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Alameda Walks is a great way to learn about Alameda and get out in the fresh air.

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