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Alameda Hospital Donates to Philippines



Just last month Alameda Hospital donated 28 hospital beds to the Philippines. The beds, which were over 35 years old and still functional will help offset low income areas in the Philippines where it is common to find multiple people sharing just one hospital bed.

Some of Alameda Hospital’s Nurses take medical mission trips, once a year, to the Philippines to provide medical aid.

By collaborating with MedShare, and using its affiliation with Alameda Health System, Alameda Hospital was able to avoid the fees usually associated with shipping and collecting donated items, and had all 28 beds shipped to the Philippines free of charge.

MedShare is a nonprofit organization dedicated to recovering and redistributing medical supplies and equipment to developing countries.

The journey began with the support of Alameda’s parcel tax, which gave Alameda Hospital the funds to purchase 7 ICU beds, and 32 new inpatient beds for telemetry and medical/surgical units. In addition 10 new gurneys for the ER and OR, and 35 new beds for longer term care at the South Shore Convalescent Home were also purchased.

Many of the new beds are state of the art with mechanical mattress frames that assist staff with rotating patients, a feature that plays therapeutic music, and even the ability to speak various phrases in 20 different languages.

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