AHS to Play Key Role in Alameda County Whole Person Care Pilot

Alameda Health System is proud to partner with Alameda County's Health Care Services Agency on AC Care Connect, a new Whole Person Care Pilot.

AC Care Connect will help homeless and other people with high needs with both health care and housing. The program is funded by a $140 million grant from the California Department of Health Care Services.

AHS has long been committed to reducing health disparities in our communities. We recognize that people need basics such as housing and food, and often mental health and substance use treatment, to stay in good health.

Through the AC Care Connect program, Alameda Health System will continue to work closely with other county health care providers, housing, behavioral health, probation and other systems to coordinate care.

More information about AC Care Connect can be found at http://www.achch.org/ac-care-connect.html

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