The Alameda Health System Labor Relations team is pleased to announce tentative agreements reached recently with CIR and SEIU-UHW. We would like to extend our thanks to the members of both bargaining teams for their focus on key issues and working collaboratively to reach agreements that support AHS’s effort to be an employer of choice and enable all of us to deliver quality patient-centered care.


AHS and CIR, the union which represents the Medical Residents and Interns at Alameda Health System, were able to come to mutual understanding on key areas of the contract and to sign a Tentative Agreement on Tuesday December 13th.

Key components of the tentative agreement include:

  • Providing residents with a housing allowance to offset the high cost of rents in the Bay Area
  • Increasing financial commitment to the Diversity Recruitment Fund

The parties also agreed to meet monthly as a labor management committee to discuss and reach mutual agreement on a variety of issues as they occur.

The two-year contract runs from December 1st 2016 to November 30th 2018 and will be implemented following a ratification vote by CIR on Wednesday December 21st and approval by the AHS Board of Trustees.


AHS and SEIU-UHW at Alameda Hospital reached a tentative bargaining agreement on Monday, December 12th. We would like to announce the successful completion of contract negotiations with SEIU-UHW at our Alameda Hospital location. Following several positive negotiation sessions with UHW, both parties were able to come to mutual understanding on key areas of the contract and to sign a Tentative Agreement on Monday December 12th.

Key Components of the agreement include:

  • Providing the Freedom of Choice Health Plan to SEIU-UHW members without charge
  • Increasing the weekend differential to help support appropriate staffing levels at all times.
  • Inclusion of a management rights clause and a plan to rotate staff due to reduced patient acuity or census.

The three-year contract, which runs from January 1st 2017 to December 31st 2020, will take effect following the successful ratification vote conducted on December 16.