SEIU RN Unit Bargaining Update

Welcome to the Alameda Health System bargaining update. AHS remains committed to communicate promptly and provide valuable information to you throughout the bargaining process. Our primary objective is to work with SEIU 1021 to reach an agreement that leads to an enhanced patient care experience; supports our ability to provide an excellent working environment; and, helps attract outstanding care providers. It’s imperative the agreement creates long-term sustainability that ensures our ability to contribute to the overall health and wellness of the people we serve.

RN Unit Update

Collaborative bargaining discussions over the last several weeks have led to many tentative agreements by AHS to proposals brought to the table by SEIU 1021 for the RN Unit. Both groups have met to listen, understand and work on the best solutions. The parties have exchanged initial economic proposals and will review and bargain over these proposals in upcoming sessions. So far, 21 bargaining sessions have taken place. SEIU 1021 has presented numerous proposals during the sessions. We have reached tentative agreements on the following proposals to date.

RN Unit
Tentative Agreements to Date

  • Lactation Accommodation
  • Reporting to Regulatory Agencies
  • Shift Exchange
  • Technology
  • Audit Reports
  • Safety
  • Resident/Fellowship Program for PA/NPs
  • Lead Staff for Advanced Patient Providers
  • Daily Time Keeping Records
  • AHS Required Courses
  • Use of Travelers
  • RN Residency Program
  • Culture of Safety and Excellence
  • Weekends Off
  • Educational Allowance
  • Advance Practice Patient Care Committee
  • Health Plan Coverage
  • Evaluations
  • APP Wage Equity
  • Schedule Posted in Advance

What’s Next?

AHS is optimistic about the current status of bargaining with SEIU 1021. Additional meetings will take place during the coming weeks in hopes of having a final contract with the RN Unit soon. AHS leadership will continue to provide communication updates, so all team members have access to the most up-to-date information.


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