Welcome to the Alameda Health System bargaining update.

AHS and SEIU 1021 General Chapter bargaining teams met on February 14, 2017 to continue negotiations for the contract expiring on March 31, 2017. During this session, SEIU 1021 and AHS shared proposals designed to support employee training and education; recognize longevity; and provide flexibility regarding the use of paid time off for unplanned emergency situations.

AHS Proposals –

Conversion of Services-As-Needed Employees to Regular Status – Any Services-as-Needed (SAN) employee who is regularly scheduled or permitted to work a 2/5ths weekly schedule or more, for a period of sixteen consecutive weeks will, upon request, be converted to regular part-time or full-time status. Conversion will not occur if the SAN is filling a position or a vacancy created by an employee on an approved leave.

Training Pay – If an employee is assigned by a manager to train, orient, or precept an employee for a specific period of time, the employee will be paid an additional amout of money (to be determined) per hour for time spent training, orienting, or precepting the employee.

Personal Emergency Leave –  An employee shall be allowed two (2) days in any calendar year from his/her regular PTO allowance for unexpected, unplanned emergency situations. Such personal leaves shall be in segments of two (2) hours. Employees who provide their manager at least forty-eight (48) hours notice of their need for personal emergency leave may use their accrued PTO in two (2) hour increments. If notice is provided, personal emergency leave shall not be counted as an occurrence for attendance purposes. If notice is not provided, the absence will count as an occurrence unless it is an absence protected by law.

Leaves of Absence – A leave of absence may be granted by a Department Manager for a period of time substantiated by the employee’s request. The leave should not exceed twelve (12) months within eighteen (18) months of the commencement of the first leave. The duration of a leave of absence may be extended if necessary to accommodate a disability. Unless mandated by law, leaves of absence will be granted or denied at management’s discretion.

SEIU 1021 General Chapter Proposals

Educational Leave Eligibility – Employees who are regular full-time or part-time with more than three (3) months of continuous service are eligible for paid educational leave. Currently, the contractual language provides paid educational leave for those employees who must maintain certifications or participate in continuing education in order to qualify for the positions they hold.

Longevity Steps – If an employee is at the top step and has at least 20 years of service based on the Lawson seniority date, he/she will move to a 2% longevity step effective pay period (PP) 14 of 2014.

Outside Applicants – Proposes removing language regarding hiring of outside applicants and less senior employees if a represented employee meets the minimal qualifications for the position.