TO: AHS Core (Highland, John George, Fairmont & Wellness Centers) Nursing Staff

FROM: Kinzi Richholt, Chief Nurse Executive

DATE: March 20, 2017

SUBJECT: Meal Breaks and Rest Periods

Our employees are our most important asset to delivering high quality care and it is our priority to provide a working environment that supports these efforts.

As a result of our discussions with SEIU 1021, it has come to our attention that the contract requirements around meal breaks and rest periods haven’t been met on a consistent basis. We are now taking corrective action to address this issue. Alameda Health System recognizes and supports the need to provide adequate breaks to our staff.

When rest periods or breaks are missed due to patient care needs, it is incumbent upon AHS to ensure that employees who miss these breaks or rest periods are compensated in line with legal and MOU obligations. Attached is a letter of agreement with SEIU 1021 that provides the corrective action underway and addresses the processes put into place to ensure our employees have the opportunity to take meal breaks and rest periods.

Alameda Health System looks forward to continue to work collaboratively with SEIU 1021 to address and resolve issues in a timely manner.

Download Authorization Form for Payment of Missed Meal Period or Rest Break