Alameda Health System is competitive, if not a market leader, when it comes to compensating its Resident Physicians.  To remain competitive, even during a period of fiscal austerity, AHS is committed to providing Residents with salary increases as soon as a settlement on the contract is reached.  However, as CIR leadership repeatedly rejects AHS’s generous compensation proposals, time is lost and money is left on the table.  This means that Resident’s salary increases could have taken effect as early as the beginning of this year, but as time goes by, resident’s guaranteed money is lost.

To enhance the experience of a Resident Physicians, Alameda Health System has offered Residents the opportunity to participate on two committees chaired by executive hospital leadership.  These two committees, with a brief description of their charters, are:

– The Value Analysis Committee: Residents would participate as members and provide a level of participation that will enrich the evaluation process to determine the value of technology, products, and clinical services- while simultaneously complementing process improvement, improved outcomes, safety and quality practices, and financial stewardship for     Alameda Health System.

Capital Expenditure Committee: Residents may provide input and submit requests for capital expenditures to AHS Executive Management Chairs. The objective of the committee is to protect capital assets, to preserve the life expectancy of capital assets, and to avoid unnecessary duplication of assets by establishing guidelines for the control of capital assets owned by Alameda Health System or related entities.

Involving Resident Physicians in the process outlined above is win/win for both AHS and Resident Physicians.  Residents add to the diversity of these interdisciplinary committees, which is evinced by their experiences and passion exuded when advocating on behalf of patients and presenting the corresponding business case. AHS benefits from this unique perspective.

Residents Physicians benefit by being a part of a process that involves executive Hospital leadership experts from a range of disciplines, and a robust analysis regarding all aspects of a particular expenditure.

Resident participation is this process is better, more enriching, and more substantive then the current limited CIR Patient Care Fund, which is why AHS seeks to replace it with the above, See the charter for these two committees and decide for yourself

AHS values our Resident Physician employees and their contributions to our mission of Caring, Healing, Teaching, and Serving All.

AHS is committed to our Residents an to providing  attractive pay and benefits for all staff.  As a public hospital system, we work to balance our commitments to staff, patients, and taxpayers.  Unfortunately, CIR leadership has made wage, benefit and other demands that jeopardize this balance.