San Leandro Hospital and CNA are continuing negotiations to secure a new collective bargaining agreement for the Alameda Hospital registered nurses, who are critical to delivering quality care and are the primary caregivers for those needing our services. We are committed to reaching an agreement that recognizes and rewards their contribution and enables us to sustain essential services to the community we serve.

During bargaining, Alameda Health Systems has two key goals:

1.       Reaching a clear easily understandable contract that benefits both AHS and the California Nurses Association by outlining in clear terms management’s obligations to employees that protects the integrity and administration of the contract while avoiding conflicts and minimizes the time lost in the dispute resolution process.

2.       Safeguarding the hospital’s ability to manage resources effectively and responsibly by investing limited resources toward key priorities, such as:

a.       Remaining market competitive in order to attract and retain skilled and experienced nurses. The average salary of a regular nurse at San Leandro Hospital is $79.75 per hour. The Hospital seeks to maintain our current competitive market position.

b.       Maintaining affordability and access to health and welfare benefits by minimizing increases to employee premiums.

Key Issues:

1.       Wages:  In April 2019, San Leandro Hospital proposed annual increases of 1.5% per year for five years with the first 1.5% increase effective following ratification. The CNA has not responded to this proposal.

San Leandro Hospital has presented a number of proposals since bargaining began at the end of 2018. While we have reached agreement on a few items, a critical mass of these proposals is still awaiting formal action from the union.

The CNA has called for a strike vote. We continue to have confidence. Continued work at the bargaining table will result in an agreement that recognizes the value of our nurses in delivering quality care and a great patient experience and that allows the organization to continue to provide sustainable services into the future.