Negotiations with CNA and Alameda and San Leandro hospitals continue in good faith. We stand by our belief that the best place to resolve differences and achieve an agreement is at the bargaining table.

Despite Friday’s work stoppage, Alameda Health System delivered uninterrupted care and services to our community. We want to acknowledge and recognize all of our employees who worked together to ensure patient care was exceptional.

As we move forward, we welcome back our nurses and encourage them to direct their labor representatives back to the bargaining table to reach a mutually beneficial agreement. This will allow us to return to our priority of delivering quality patient care.

We have and continue to extend ourselves to meetings with CNA and have provided additional bargaining dates. Prior to the strike, CNA and AHS had the following bargaining dates scheduled:

October 4 (SLH)
October 11 (SLH)
October 15 (SLH)
October 16 (AH)
October 23 (SLH)
October 25 (AH)
October 29 (SLH)

In effort to reach an agreement quickly and to provide an opportunity for discussion and compromise, AHS has offered these additional bargaining dates for either Alameda Hospital or San Leandro Hospital:

September 27
September 30
October 1
October 2
October 3
October 7
October 8
October 9
October 10
October 14
October 22
October 28

AHS is committed to reaching an agreement that recognizes the value of our nurse and enables us to sustain essential services to the community we serve.