C.N.A. at San Leandro – October 3, 2019

KNOW the FACTS . . .

San Leandro Hospital and C.N.A. have been negotiating a successor agreement to cover Nurses at the Hospital since the fall of 2018. San Leandro Hospital believes that through meeting and robust dialogue, the parties can reach an agreement that is fair, competitive, and rewards nurses for their hard work and dedication to the Hospital.

San Leandro Hospital is not only ready and willing to bargain in order to secure a final agreement, AHS is urging C.N.A. to join us in making bargaining a priority.

Management has offered the greater part of the month of October to meet with the Union. C.N.A. agreed to only a fraction of the dates offered. Thus, the confirmed dates are: October 3rd, 4th, 11th, 15th, 23rd, and 29th. These meetings are invaluable so that the parties can achieve a meeting of the minds and secure an agreement that compensates, rewards, attracts, and retains the best nurses at San Leandro Hospital.

However, C.N.A. did not show up to bargain today -October 3rd, 2019, despite a mutual commitment to meet. This is very disappointing and counterproductive in our movement towards achieving final agreement.