Alameda Health System and CNA at Alameda Hospital met on February 20th for continued negotiations. Alameda Hospital presented CNA with a compensation proposal that commits to ensuring wages for multiple years and maintains a strong market-competitive position. Furthermore, our wage proposal is fair and balances the need to provide increases to reward nurses for their hard work, to maintain market competiveness, and to be responsible stewards to the community. Specifically, Alameda Hospital has proposed multi-year increases at 2% per fiscal year, the first of which will take place after the contract is ratified.

In addition to the wage proposal recently provided to the union, management has made several other proposals, which are summarized below.

Grievance and Arbitration

A revamped transparent two-step process that ensures grievances are timely addressed and brought to resolution in an efficient manner. Additionally, the process for filing and appealing grievances is streamlined as they are initiated and appealed at one centralized address –


Ensures a continuation of the rich and comprehensive benefits package, including a medical and dental plan, for nurses by leveraging economies of scale and having all staff (Alameda Hospital leadership and staff) participate and have available the same benefits options.

Paid Time Off

A PTO program that provides nurses greater flexibility in the use of time-off with pay and grants the advantage of cashing out unused PTO hours twice a year. Providing greater flexibility also assists the Hospital in recruitment and retention and employee-satisfaction, serving both the Nurse and the Hospital. Additionally, PTO benefit programs serve as the standard of practice in area hospitals and are viewed positively.

Efficient Operations

The ability of nurses to permanently reduce their FTE at their sole discretion (FT-.8, .8-.6) creates serious staffing problems. Every unanticipated schedule reduction results in shifts that have to be filled resulting in OT, nurses working additional shifts and potential staffing disruptions. Alameda Hospital wants to provide nurses with opportunities to select schedules that meet their life needs through the recruitment posting process, which is why the Hospital is proposing to eliminate nurse’s ability to reduce their FTE.

Alameda Hospital is looking forward to working with C.N.A. in charting a stable course that preserves the quality of the Hospital system.