Alameda Health System (AHS) has been negotiating with the California Nurses Association (C.N.A.) on a new collective bargaining agreement for the Alameda Hospital (AH) registered nurses since 2018.

During the bargaining session on November 18, 2019, C.N.A. made proposals on two articles. Those proposals included modifications to articles governing “Seniority” and “Floating.” In the interest of moving forward, Alameda Hospital accepted all of the substance contained in each of those articles. We are looking forward to receiving more proposals from C.N.A. as there is a critical mass of responses that we await from C.N.A., including a counter proposal on the “Wage” article.

On October 16, 2019, Alameda Hospital made a wage proposal that would grant nurses a 2.5% wage increase that would be effective shortly after ratification and each year thereafter through 2024, plus annual step increases for eligible nurses.

While AHS is eager to get these wage increases to the nurses, we cannot move forward until we receive proposals from C.N.A. on all outstanding articles and reach a complete agreement on a new contract.

C.N.A. proposed to meet for one day in the month of December.  Alameda Hospital accepted the offer and is looking forward to having meaningful discussions and responses from C.N.A. on the bulk of proposals that have yet to be addressed by the union.

We value our nurses and the critical role they play in providing quality care to our patients which is why we offer some of the most competitive benefits in the nation.  We have brought forth generous offers at the bargaining table and we are hopeful that these negotiations can come to a resolution. We will continue to negotiate in good faith and hope to reach a fair agreement that provides nurses with competitive salaries and benefits and ensures our ability to deliver quality care by attracting and retaining nurses in a sustainable manner.