Alameda Health System (AHS) and the Association of Alameda Management Employees Association (ACMEA) representing some manager, supervisors and other classifications at Highland Hospital, Fairmont Hospital, John George Psychiatric Hospital and the clinics have been negotiating over compensation since July.  AHS has made the following proposals:

Cost of Living Adjustment:  Despite these challenging times, AHS has offered to  provide a cost of living adjustment for employee on salary ranges.

Annual Incentive Programs:  AHS has proposed that deep class employees be eligible for the same incentive bonuses that other AHS employees will receive in November.

IT Service Center Technician –I:  AHS would like to move these employees to a Step and Grade salary structure.  These employees would advance through the steps as defined by the MOU.

Internal Equity Adjustments:  Increase the salaries of lowest paid employees in the classifications of Manager, Pharmacy Operations and Sr. E.H.R. Applications Analysts.

Salary Range Adjustment:  AHS would like to modify the salary range for the EVS Managers without changing incumbent salaries.

We are committed to continue bargaining in good faith and reaching an agreement quickly.