Important Guidelines for Student Placement at AHS

I.D. Badge

HR Front desk at Fairmont campus will only issue the identification badge after completing all the above listed steps. Always wear your picture I.D. badge while you are rotating or on preceptorship on any AHS Campus. It is necessary that students return the badge to the HR front desk upon the end of their rotation or preceptorship.

Uniform & Appearance

Students/Instructor are to follow their school policy on uniform when rotating or preceptorship.  At anytime please follow AHS department dress code in a patient care area/department. All others are required to dress in business casual attire. We suggest that you wear low heeled, comfortable shoes or athletic shoes. No open toed shoes please. No jeans or prominent logos.


As a Student/Instructor, you are directly responsible for following the syllabus/curriculum designed for your placement type.  Please ensure to reference to the AHS Orientation Booklet often.


Students/Instructors as you know that AHS is your learning zone and we count on you being here when you're scheduled. Therefore, if you are unable to be here or running late on your scheduled day, please notify your unit manager/instructor and student placement office as soon as possible. If you plan to take a vacation, please notify your manager and the student placement office as soon as you know the dates that you will be away.