Nursing Student Placements

For Nursing students who are interested in obtaining a placement opportunity at one of AHS’s hospitals and Wellness Centers, please contact your school’s Student Placement Coordinator.

AHS’s Nursing Student Placement program is open to students from Affiliated Schools. 

For Student Placement Coordinators placing Nursing Students or Instructors, please complete all forms in the “Nursing Placement Application Packet” (available in the Related Documents section) and send them to the AHS Student Placement Administrator 60-90 days prior to the start of the placement period.

Student Placement Request form must be received by the follow dates:

  • March 15 (Summer placements)
  • April 15 (Fall placements)
  • October 15 (Spring placements)

School Representative must contact AHS Student Placement Administrator to coordinate all Nursing student placements: Josefina Hurtado at