Health Advocates


Health Advocates Locations and Hours of Operation

Summer 2017
June 6 - August 10
Closed on 7/4

Highland Hospital

Monday, Tuesday, and Thursday
9am - 5pm
Desk Locations: K-6 Desk

Hayward Wellness

Reopens the week of September 11, 2017

Fairmont Hospital

By referral from Medical Social Work staff only

More information:

Health Advocates is a volunteer-powered, client-centered program under AHS’ Care Management department.  Volunteers and staff work together to assist AHS consumers with basic resource information and navigation.  We understand how difficult accessing resources can be and our mission is to help make that process as smooth as possible. The goal of Health Advocates is to address the social determinants of health and to empower consumers towards improved health and quality of life. If you or someone you know is in need of basic resource information and assistance, we may be able to help.

HA Services Include:

  • Housing
    • Waitlist Enroll-A-Thons
    • Shelter Information
  • Food
    • CalFresh Application
    • Food Banks
  • Public Benefits
  • Victims of Crime (VOC) Application
  • Establishing a Primary Care Provider
  • Legal Aid
    • Immigration Concerns
    • Public Benefit Issues

  • Housing Issues
  • Employment Issues
  • Clean Slate
  • Consumer Debt
  • Health Coverage Issues

Statistics on Patients Served and # of lives touched:

  • In 2016…
    • 2,370 patients served
    • ~12,798 interventions