Health Care Industry Representatives Vendor Policy

The following guidelines apply to all health care industry representatives:

  • NO drop-in visits are allowed on campus. All vendors must have an appointment time with AHS medical staff.
  • All vendors must register their credentials with Rep Trax.
  • Upon visiting the campus, please check in at one of the three Rep Trax kiosks, all located on Highland Hospital campus.
    • 4th floor near the garage entrance
    • K5 outside of OR (Operating Room)
    • In Purchasing department, OA wing, 2nd floor
  • If you have not registered with Rep Trax, please check in at the Materials Management office in Purchasing, which is located in the 0A wing, 2nd floor, Highland Hospital campus.
  • Vendor Representatives must wear their Rep Trax picture ID at all times.
  • NO meetings should take place in patient care areas.
  • Vendors are required to pick up their own advertising materials after their appointments.
  • Any violation of the policy can result in a suspension of visitation rights to any AHS campus.